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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Tour

Quick Details

Discover the land of Da Vinci on a Tuscany bike tour

Join us on an Italy bike tour through the land in which Leonardo Da Vinci was born, in the south of Montalbano hills, a sunny country with amazing views and landscapes. This part of the Tuscan backcountry is one of the most beautiful, with villas and old country farms that have been perfectly preserved from the Middle Ages.

Vinci village is an example of a typical Tuscan village, and here you will find the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum with many of his incredible fabrications and designs. Just a few minutes’ ride out of Vinci village, you will find Leonardo da Vinci’s birthplace.

It’s a little old brick house up on the hill, but the view from this point is amazing. This landscape is the country you can see as the background of the Gioconda picture. Riding these paths will be a pleasure, without worrying about logistics and stuff, just enjoying your holiday, since we’ve taken care of everything.

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