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Villa Demidoff UNESCO World Heritage Tour

Quick Details

Relax in a historic park on an Italy bike tour

The ride will take us from the top of the hill to the bottom, almost completely downhill, from Pratolino village and park to Florence.

Villa Medicea di Pratolino, renamed Villa Demidoff in the 19th century, is arguably the most beautiful park in Tuscany with one of the most incredible statues around the world.

The Gianbologna’s Giant is not just huge and impressive, it’s a masterpiece in beauty, architecture, sculpture and engineering, as much as Cupido cave, and the other incredible attractions in the Pratolino Villa.

It really was a Renaissance-age Disney World, made by genius men for His Majesty Francesco Medici. You’ll ride into the garden where the king was used to walking, riding horses and hunting.

You will relax on the grass, contemplating the landscape, and finally, you’ll descend to the city of Florence, on an easy road, surrounded by the green of olive trees, forests, and vineyards.

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